Ford 8600 Tractor Goes Toe-to-Toe with a Dodge Ram 3500

It’s an odd challenge really.  One is built from the ground up to pull irregular equipment across arable fields and the other is built to pull semi-trailers out of the mud.  Really, which would you think would have the advantage coming out the gate? It’s safe to say that the Dodge Ram 3500, when equipped with a 6.7 L Cummins turbo diesel, really is a work of mechanical art in motion. 

It’s got a tremendous pull to it that keeps getting the vehicle awarded the J. D. Powers & Associates Best-in-Class for towing capacity.   Arguably, it’s what it’s built for from the ground up.

Where Dodge Ram Has it Figured Out

To be perfectly honest, this tug of war challenge turned out a bit more predictable than some Dodge challenges before.  There was this one, done in Australia, between a Dodge Ram equipped with a 5.9 L Cummins turbo diesel engine and a Landrover Defender 90. 

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A 300 TDI versus a Cummins in a Tug of war?  The results, however, were more than just a little upsetting for Dodge enthusiasts. Following that, the tractor versus Dodge gets a