Man Drives $75 Truck To Work for 38 Years

Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, is known for some ridiculously low temperatures. Prinsburg, the county seat, plummeted down to -41ºF in January of 1977. Somehow throughout the cold snaps which blow down from the plains of Canada, old classics like the 1957 Chevy half-ton keep trucking on. This guy, Bob, bought this truck used from a farmer when he needed a way to get to his new job in Prinsburg. Bob drove that same truck to work everyday until the day he retired, and the truck is still going.

With fewer and fewer of them on the roads, the remainder are normally in the hands of ardent collectors. Specifically, the 1957 Chevy half-ton featured a V8 engine capable of 160 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. In terms of old diesels, this 283 cubic-inch engine had all the makings of simple and hearty. Only a few years later, however, the Chevrolet C and K models would be introduced and radically change the design of how pick-ups were crafted ever since. The real difference between the C and K models was the C model was a two wheel drive pick-up and the other was all-wheel drive.

Once the C/K line came out into production – the old style of the classic half-ton was consigned to history. It still didn’t keep them from being the favorites of old-time farmers who needed a reliable, easy to fix truck good for the miles. And likely, if this one guy doesn’t stop driving his – it will live to see its hundredth anniversary in forty more years.

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In 1999, Chevrolet and GMC broke from the C/K convention which had lasted through several creative design changes. Engines and mechanics had completely changed by the late 90s and