Massive Monster Truck Flips and Spins Like a Stunt Bike

Maximum Destruction, or “Max D” to fans, in a class all its own when it comes to monster trucks. Sponsored by none other than Advanced Auto Parts – this 540 ci Merlin engine is far from anything you’d be able to pick up in your average auto parts store. Check out how some 66” Terra Tires can help flip this behemoth right side up after it flips across a pit of cars.

Piloted by the likes of Tom Meents of European stunt driving fame, Maximum Destruction has gone through a few builds before becoming the spiked monstrosity it is today. It makes a regular circuit known as Monster Jam with the other monster trucks and has even won racing and freestyle championships as recent as 2013.

The Origins of the Monster Truck Back Flip

As the legend goes, famous monster truck driver Tom Meents stumbled upon the back flip maneuver by accident when his truck slapped against a “step up” ramp after a jump. This collision caused his truck to flip over backwards where it rolled again onto its wheels. Ever since that fateful portion of the freestyle event in Arnhem, Netherlands, the back flip technique has been copied by the likes of Travis Pastrana.

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This trick hasn’t worked out for everyone, though. As Pastrana quickly discovered during Nitro Circus when he didn’t get enough headwind from the jump, it’s quite possible t