The Most Epic American Burnout

This has to be the most spectacular burnout I have ever seen. Take a look and see for yourself. This took place at a burnout party located on a private road on someone’s private drive. I have to mention that because I’m sure there are more than a few people who might view this and get mad at the fact that the guy is tearing up the road. I would call those people the haters.

However, let me clear things up a bit concerning the truck with the smoking tires and the kid who has glued the gas pedal to the floor. It’s okay, they knew he was going to do this. This whole event was planned as a “burnout” party. Strange name I know, but spend some time on page 35 of Google and then get back to me about strange. The stuff you read there makes these sorts of experiences much easier to understand and digest. There, now that that’s out of the way, let’s dissect this smoking wonder for a few moments, shall we?

The Ford Bronco is the Belle of the Ball

For starters, this is a $300 4×4 special that was bought just for this burnout. By all accounts, the truck seems to work pretty good. It’s not fancy, but everything appears to work properly, especially the clutch and the brake.

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The rear tire sped furiously and so much smoke is thrown into the air that you might think you are doing something supernatural for a few minutes. That’s not the case though. Ch