Turbo Charged John Deere Gator Tears Up Some Turf

Out of the gate, it has a 854cc liquid cooled diesel engine that, while rated for top speeds of 25 mph, in all actuality can top out close to 45 mph.  While only boasting a power output of 18.5, it is a true 4 x 4 utility all-terrain vehicle made predominantly for hauling grain and tools about. That hasn’t stopped this UTV from gaining the attention of everyone from ranchers to the United States military as there seems to be a lot of promise in what it can do.  It makes sense.  The HPX Gator is a powerful utility all-terrain vehicle that packs a lot of great standard features with the option to customize and modify as necessary.

One Gator – A Whole Lot of Options

With a payload and towing capacity of 1,400 lbs – it’s an ideal choice for anyone needing to transport things or people a short distance.  The cargo box on the back can hold a max weight of 1,000 lbs.  Additionally, with true four wheel drive, it’s able to handle a variety of terrains and mud. Even with a standard unleaded engine, these Gators still have an enormous ability to adapt to a variety of situations. 

One accessory for them is the Warn® winch system – perfect for hauling up to 3,000 lbs. with the addition of a receiver hitch for the front mount.  You can even add glass or poly doors, a deluxe cab with seat belts or even a stereo mounting kit.

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With some models, they even have rubber tracks for movement in the snow.  Man, look at that thing move.  Not interested in outfitting it with treads for snowy weather?  N