Can These John Deere Tractors Lift A Peterbilt Semi Truck?

So let’s say you are hauling about 1,000 bushels of corn in a semi truck. Let’s say that the tractor trailer gets to a narrow spot at the top of a hill and gets run off the road by another motorist. Perhaps it was a race car, could be another tractor, maybe just another big truck. We don’t know. What we do know is that when you run off the road with that much corn, you are going to possibly end up like our friends here.

So Much Corn to Clean Up!

Now, if you do not like corn, this might make your day. I will say that I find that to be a bit odd. Corn is great. We do so much with it. Corn chips, corn nuts, corn flakes, popcorn… the list goes on and on. There is something wrong with you if you do not like it, but hey, we all have our thing. Mine is cooked broccoli. You could bring me three eighteen wheeler loads of steamed broccoli and tell me that is all I have to eat, and I would gladly prefer to die. I just don’t like it. So while I may not understand your disdain for stalks and ears, I understand not liking certain things. Anyway, as I mentioned, if you don’t like corn, the sight of this Peterbilt on its side might make your day.

Yet, you still have a mess on your hands. Big rigs are tricky that way. Once they start to roll over, all the Jake Braking in the world won’t stop them. You are left with one big mess. Especially in this case. One thousand bushels of corn will cover a lot of ground. Here is the kicker though. It has to be cleaned up. That clean up is never easy. You don’t want to clean your room as a teenager because it is a mild annoyance. You have to clean this up though, and it involves several tons of twisted metal and produce. What do you do?

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Well, if you live on the farm like our friend hereā€¦ you get the biggest tractor you can find and put it to use. Uprighting a truck that weighs several tons is not a problem when