Can This Chevy Truck Save a Cat Dozer In Trouble?

Here we have a Chevy with a Cummins diesel engine pull a Caterpillar bulldozer down a clay-lined road. Nothing fancy but clearly impressive. The standard Cat D4K2 – the middle ground of some heavy-duty bulldozers – weighs approximately 18,080 lbs without a driver on board. So, just the weight alone is above the Chevy’s operating tow capacity of 16,000 lbs when equipped with a Cummins diesel engine.

It’s hard being a Chevy truck. People expect a lot from you. And when you can’t perform to snuff, it makes all the Chevys around you look bad. For instance, sometimes people have embarrassing moments like this – where a Chevy is stuck in some rather unimpressive mud. And then we see something like this all is forgiven.

Know Thy Chevy

Whether it’s a Chevy Silverado with a Cummins diesel engine and all the fixings or simply a good solid Chevy 4 x 4 unleaded – a big key to making it shine is knowing what it’s good at. For instance, do you want to climb up a 30° grade loose dirt slope? Not a good choice. Deep bog hoppin’ with a 454 big block? Also probably not a good bet.

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There’s more than one example out there that illustrates what happens when you don’t know your Chevy’s capabilities and limitations. The drivers undoubtedly find themselves