Monster Chevy Truck Attempts The Impossible With 44″ Tires

This Chevy truck driver was in for a big surprise when he tried to haul his massive 44” wheeled Big Block onto the back of a pedestrian sized trailer. Despite the sputtering and hem-hawing, he did manage to get it onto the back but there is just NO way you’re going to get it to stay. It is impressive to see such a massive lift kit installed on a good ole’ Chevy from the 1980s. Those guys are still hauling larger than life. When putting a truck onto the back of a tow trailer, it’s important to make sure the truck fits.

Sometimes a simple tape measure will do. Measure from the end rim of the front left tire to the front right and you should have an idea if the truck’s width is compatible. Guaranteed, if it was a Chevy Impala, it would have fit. With a lot of off-roading Chevy trucks, it’s just more convenient to tow them to the mud and rock than it is to drive them. Looking at this truck’s massive lift kit and 44” tires, it would be absolutely perfect for taking on some of the more difficult mud courses.

Of course, before that happens, this truck driver may want to consider installing a second electronic fuel pump to keep that engine fed during steep inclines. Stalling out the older Chevy trucks can be a bit of an issue because a lot of those Chevrolet trucks were built before the time of electronic fuel pumps. Electronic fuel pumps help keep gas fed to the engine.

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And from listening to this engine go, it certainly doesn’t make me miss the good ole days of carburetors. The good news is that there are after market accessories – such as