This Short Duramax Race Is an Epic One

While Chevrolet and GMC arguably tread the exact same ground in terms of medium and heavy-duty trucks, one thing is for certain: the Duramax has a rightful place in performance history. For more than just the commanding sound of a turbo diesel eight cylinder engine, it’s also got a staggeringly good history of being the go-to for off-road recovery and payload.

But that all gets lost in the excitement of a road race, doesn’t it? And why not. The Duramax feature package is an optional upgrade in both the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado HD series of medium to heavy duty pick-up trucks. It’s an upgrade worth every penny in terms of performance, too. Let’s see why.

The latest Duramax LML is a 6.6L turbo diesel with a renewed focus on decreasing emissions. In order to do this, General Motors had to drastically redesign it from previous engines to improve oil flow, temperature monitoring and increased durability.

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One of the really unique features is the fuel injection system. As diesel enthusiasts know, this fuel type can be quite tricky. In colder temperatures or degraded conditions, it c